Our Purpose

The primary purpose of Richmond REBOS is to promote sobriety in those afflicted with alcoholism and drug addiction by providing a meeting place for the 12 step programs of AA, NA and Alanon in addition to providing a "safe haven" and fellowship for those suffering and their families.

A Message from Richmond REBOS Board of Directors:

Richmond REBOS, Inc. Closing!

As many members and friends of REBOS are aware, the Board of Directors voted on January 12th to take the necessary steps to close Richmond REBOS Inc.

It has become increasingly difficult to meet our monthly expenses. The drop in membership, meeting rents, as well as the increasing costs of utilities and other expenses have left us financially unstable. Several members and directors have picked up the slack along the way and we greatly appreciate their efforts. It simply is not enough. As Directors we must take the necessary steps to properly prepare for closing.

As we each sat and discussed our personal recovery stories about Rebos, the people we have met, the sponsors, the friendships made; it was clear that Rebos had held a special place in our lives. Throughout the years people have come to Rebos seeking guidance, support, unconditional love and hope in the rooms of Rebos. We hope this goal has been achieved and know that many of us will carry the spirit of Rebos with us were ever we go.

We will continue operations until the end of February or as long as the landlord allows. We ask that the property and the building be respected, as we continue to follow the principles of recovery. We have been honored to serve on the Board of Directors of REBOS Inc. and will continue to serve until the closing is complete.

More proof of a Higher Power and how awesome He is, we found on January 13th another door opening. The new landlord is offering a multi-room space, on the bus line, at a reduced cost. The restructure will include a name change, new services, refining of the by-laws, and modifications to the membership levels. The vision for a new club is evolving, and is intended to enhance our recovery efforts, both at the club, group, and individual levels. As we look forward to the future with hope, we need your continued interest and welcome all of you to be involved in the new club.